Profiting in Congress

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Dozens of lawmakers trade stocks related to their work, and it's harming trust in the government.

Nearly one in five members of Congress, from both parties, have in recent years bought stocks that intersected with their congressional committee work

  • intersected with: 于...相关

The trades exacerbate many voters’ sense that politicians put their own interests above the public’s or the country’s. That, in turn, helps fuel Americans’ distrust of their government.

  • exacerbate: 加剧, 恶化, 激怒
  • fuel: 助长

Donald Trump vowed to “drain the swamp” of corruption and self-dealing (though his administration was plagued by ethics scandals).


  • drain the swamp: 排干沼泽

In other countries, authoritarians have tapped into public distrust to justify more extreme measures and changes, eroding democracy around the world.


  • tap into: 利用/挖掘
  • erode: 侵蚀

Still, there may be a simpler explanation for why lawmakers haven’t passed a bill, Kate said: “It’s not in their personal interest.”


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