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Summer’s rituals are giving way to fall’s, but for the moment, you can enjoy them all


  • rituals: 仪式

It’s that betwixt and between period, when the light is lowering but you can still get tomatoes and peaches at the market, still get away with short sleeves.

  • betwixt and between: 介于两者之间
  • get away: 逃脱
    • 个人的理解: 美国北方冬天很冷,但是室内的暖气都很足,所以一般我们都穿短袖,然后出门的时候再披上外套的。但是如果有紧急情况呢?逃脱?没时间穿上大衣,只好穿着短袖开溜了。

A colleague described these in-between days as times when we partake of “the dregs of summer rituals,” the last B.L.T.s and beach days, while, in the same moment, starting to observe the rites of fall.

  • partake: 参加

    • If you partake of food or drink, you eat or drink some of it. // partake of 食物
    • If you partake in an activity, you take part in it. // partake in 活动
  • dregs: 渣

  • B.L.T.: Bacon, Letter, Tomato //三明治

  • rituals和rites的区别 What is the difference between rites and ritualsopen in new window? They are often considered synonyms. But, to be precise, a rite is an established, well structured and ceremonial act; while rituals are the actions that are performed in a rite with a symbolic meaning.

I impressed myself with two shiny, braided loaves that tasted as good as they looked.

  • braided loaves: 编织面包

knead the dough “until it’s as soft as a baby’s tushy” and to make sure I let it rise enough.

knead the dough: 揉面包 baby's tushy: 婴儿的肚子

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