Bad to Worse for Russia

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Vladimir Putin’s call-up of more troops highlights Russia’s continuing struggles in Ukraine.

  • call-up: 召集

After mostly defending for months, Ukraine is now dictating the war, choosing where it wants to press new offensives.

  • dictate: 听写, 主宰, 霸
  • offensive: 进攻
  • defensive: 防守

Russia’s setbacks in Ukraine have emboldened a small but growing number of dissidents to speak out.

  • setbacks: 挫折
  • embolden to speak out: 大胆发声
  • dissidents: 持不同政见者

Send Putin to the trenches!

  • trenches: 战壕

The potential countermove for the West is going to be to send more artillery tubes and tanks to Ukraine.


High energy prices mean they can keep the economy going and discontent down. But will the partial mobilization unleash that unrest?

  • discontent down: 降低不满情绪
  • mobilization: 动员 (动员是国家召集军队及物资,为总体战作准备的军事行动)
  • unleash: 引发
  • unrest: 动荡
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